An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who specializes in eye and vision care. Ophthalmologists are trained to perform eye exams, diagnose and treat disease, prescribe medications and perform eye surgery. They also write prescriptions for eyeglasses and contact lenses. We provide speciality service for catract operation by phaco


Orthopaedics is the branch of surgery concerned with conditions involving the musculoskeletal system. Orthopaedic surgeons use both surgical and non-surgical means to treat musculoskeletal trauma, spine diseases, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, tumours, and congenital disorders our orthopaedics department specialiases in spine surgery ,orthoscoepic surgeries ,joint replacement surgreies


Paediatrics is the branch of medicine that involves the medical care of infants, children, A medical practitioner who specializes in this area is known as a paediatrician.we have tertiary care limit for treatment having very low etc.


Otorhinolaryngology is a surgical subspecialty within medicine that deals with conditions of the ear, nose, and throat (ENT) and related structures of the head and neck and for the surgical management of cancers and benign tumours of the head and neck. High and microscope other diagonastic facilities like BERA are available.


General surgery is a surgical specialty that focuses on abdominal contents including oesophagus, stomach, small bowel, colon, liver, pancreas, gallbladder (and bile ducts) and often, the thyroid gland. They also deal with diseases involving the skin, breast, soft tissue, trauma, peripheral vascular surgery and hernias.many such surgereies are also done key hole i.e.surgreies.


Obstetrics is the field of study concentrated on pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. As a medical specialty, obstetrics is combined with gynaecology under the discipline known as obstetrics and gynaecology (OB/GYN).treating diseases of women We have world class facility for invitro fertilization commonly called as test tube baby.


Our Dental Department is equipped with hi-tech Dental chair and equipment, Light cure equipment, Dental X-ray, Scalar, etc. with general Dentistry, Orthodontics, Maxillofacial Oral Surgery facilities.


Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with the skin, nails, hair and its diseases. It is a specialty with both medical and surgical aspects. A dermatologist treats diseases, in the widest sense, and some cosmetic problems of the skin, scalp, hair, and nails.our dermatology specilites in heirtransplant,cosmetology use and various loses for treatment and various conditions.


Psychiatry is the medical specialty devoted to the diagnosis, prevention, study, and treatment of mental disorders. These include various abnormalities related to mood, behavior, cognition, and perceptions. Initial psychiatric assessment of a person typically begins with a case history and mental status examination. Physical examinations and psychological tests may be conducted.


Urology is the branch of medicine that focuses on surgical and medical diseases of the male and female urinary tract system and the male reproductive organs. The organs under the domain of urology include the kidneys, adrenal glands, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra, and the male reproductive organs (testes, epididymis, vas deferens, seminal vesicles, prostate, and penis).Our urologist provide treatment for urinarytract routine and laser ,PCNL RSRL


Nephrology is a specialty of medicine and paediatrics that concerns itself with the kidneys: the study of normal kidney function and kidney problems, the preservation of kidney health, and the treatment of kidney problems, from diet and medication to renal replacement therapy (dialysis and kidney transplantation).we have eight bedded dialysis unit


Pulmonology is considered a branch of internal medicine, and is related to intensive care medicine. It often involves managing patients who need life support and mechanical ventilation. Pulmonologists are specially trained in diseases and conditions of the chest, particularly pneumonia, asthma, tuberculosis, emphysema, and complicated chest infections.


Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty involving the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body. It includes cosmetic or aesthetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, and the treatment of burns.


Physiotherapy is a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialty that, by using mechanical force and movements, remediates impairments and promotes mobility, function, and quality of life through examination, diagnosis, prognosis, and physical intervention.


Neurology is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the nervous system. Neurology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all categories of conditions and disease involving the central and peripheral nervous system; including their coverings, blood vessels, and all effector tissues, such as muscle. It relies heavily on the field of neuroscience, which is the scientific study of the nervous system.


Neurosurgery, or neurological surgery, is the medical specialty concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, surgical treatment, and rehabilitation of disorders which affect any portion of the nervous system including the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and extra – cranial cerebrovascular system. Various neurosurgeries including brain tumours trouma etc are regulary done. We are the first hospital in Ujjain to start Neurosurgery.


Paediatrics surgery is a subspecialty of surgery involving the surgery of foetuses, infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. Subspecialties of paediatric surgery include: neonatal surgery and foetal surgery.


Oncosurgery is a surgery involi ng surgery of various kinds of cancers Our onchologist are highly trained for such surgeries


Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. Various chemotherapy regimens – head and neck cancer surgery specialist services available as out – patient and in – patient.


Cardiology is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the heart as well as parts of the circulatory system. The field includes medical diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease, and electrophysiology. We are the first hospital to start angiography ,stanting and coronary bypass surgeries in Ujjain..


Radiology is a specialty that uses medical imaging to diagnose and treat disease seen within the body. A variety of imaging techniques such as X-ray radiography, ultrasound, computed tomography ECHO colour doppler are used to diagnose various diseases.


Sonography is also known as medical ultrasound. It is a diagnostic imaging technique based on the application of ultrasound. It is used to see internal body structures such as tendons, muscles, joints, vessels, and internal organs. Its aim is often to find a source of disease or to exclude any pathology. The practice of examining pregnant woman using ultrasound is called obstetric ultrasound, and is widely used.


Pathology is a significant component of the causal study of disease and a major field in modern medicine and diagnosis. Broadly used to refer to the study of disease in general, incorporating a wide range of bioscience research fields and medical practices. It is also used narrowly to describe work within the contemporary medical field of general pathology.


Microbiology is the study of microscopic organisms. It encompasses numerous sub – disciplines including virology, mycology, parasitology, and bacteriology.our labarotaries perfrom various kinds of investigation.


Anaesthesiology is the medical specialty that focuses on perioperative medicine and the administration of anaesthesia.we also run pain clinic


Gastroenterology is the branch of medicine focused on the digestive system and its disorders. Diseases affecting the gastrointestinal tract, which includes organs from the mouth to the anus, along the alimentary canal, are the focus of this specialty. Our experts use various kinds endoscopes for diagnosis treatment of various GI diseases.


Audiometry is a branch of Audiology and the science of measuring hearing acuity for variations in sound intensity and pitch and for tonal purity, involving thresholds and differing frequencies. Audiometric tests determine a subject’s hearing levels with the help of audiometer.